Mileage and Expense Log 2021

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Substantiation for Travel, Lodging, and Meals

Special rules apply for substantiation of expenses for travel, lodging, and meals. You must maintain records that include:

  •  The amount of the expense.
  •  The time and place of travel.
  •  The business purpose of the expense.
  •  The business relationship between you and persons entertained.

Note: For self-employed individuals, per diem rates for meals (standard meal allowance) may be used as a standard deduction in place of actual receipts. Actual receipts must be used for lodging.

Traveling exceptions. Documentary evidence is not needed if any of the following conditions apply.

  •  The expense, other than lodging, is less than $75.
  •  You have a transportation expense for which a receipt is not readily available.

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